When I am creating I leave spontaneity to play the most important role! I don't have the entire image or concept in my mind, I just build it as I start painting. The media that I prefer using in order to express my creativity is oil on canvas. It gives me the opportunity to play with the layers on surface and to create space. My latest works include a series of portraits that represent unsaved memory. It is about time and the way it leaves prints in our memory and also about the way that human memory plays with time. The memory decomposes the complete image transforming it into an incomplete puzzle and then it plays with into the imaginary field trying to recompose the image. It is about transposing the material into immaterial by creating a new identity and vice versa. I am fascinated by space and memory, either physical or imaginary, and by their virtual existence.

Born in 22 december 1984  Targu-Mures / Romania, lives and works in Dublin

2011 Pilgrimage, City Hall, Reghin,Romania
2010 The Blacksmith,House of Culture Eugen Nicoara, Reghin, Romania 


2014 Unsaved Memory, K-arte Gallery, Targu Mures, Romania
2012 The Imaginarium ,Primo piano Living Gallery; Lecce, Italy 
2012 New Living Art III , Irish Museum of Contemporary Art [IMOCA], Dublin, Ireland
2012 First Preview, Grow Art, Independent 84 Gallery, Bucharest, Romania 
2011 Start Gallery, Leoben, Austria 
2011 International Gala of Cultural Trafficker, Sonnenfeld Palace; Oradea, Romania
2011 Il Borgo Gallery ; Milan, Italy 
2010 History and Art Museum , Ioan Sigma Gallery ; Zalau, Romania 
2010 Art Museum; Arad, Romania 
2010 The Reghin Cityhall; Reghin, Romania  
2009 Colorida Art Gallery; Lisbon, Portugal 
2009 U.A.P. Gallery; Târgu-Mureș, Romania 
2006 The International painting Competition “Poszt”, (National Theatre Meeting in Pecs), Pecsi Gallery; Pecs, Hungary​


The Art Museum, Arad, Romania

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